Pizza Bar Delivers Direct with OUR staff on OUR app

Search "Pizza Bar Pizza" and download it now!

Massive discounts, promos and rewards for our customers.

We now have our new delivery tracking system so you know where your food is at all times and how far away it is. When you order with us online, you will receive an sms with a link to track your delivery on google maps.

PLEASE DO NOT USE DELIVEROO as your first option with us.


Our delivery service is clean, contactless, direct and we have total control from start to finish.

There is a growing trend of local Geelong restaurants that will  not use Deliveroo or Uber eats. 

We have converted our front of house staff to delivery staff and bypassing deliveroo.

It keeps our guys in a job, that simple.

Deliveroo are not helping restaurants enough and many restaurants are struggling because of this. Deliveroo and Uber Eats take 30% or more, and have NOT lowered their rates during covid to help restaurants. It's not how Australian businesses look after each other.

In Small to Medium restaurants that use UBER AND DELIVEROO, many are making a loss on their product, but feel pressured to provide this service. 

We discount prices on our app, Deliveroo will charge full price. By 

using our app, this guarantees money goes to our staff, NOT Deliveroo in the U.K

It's thanks to you, our awesome customers we can keep our people employed,

so please, use our own dedicated app, save yourself some cash, and get our locals to deliver to your door, clean and safe.

We will also have different delivery zones to cater for a MUCH WIDER RANGE than Deliveroo. There is a $5 standard charge for local delivery, and an $8 charge for deliveries where there is a longer drive involved. 

On weekends, our reach is as far as North Geelong, South Geelong, Highton, Waurn Ponds, Armstrong Creek, Belmont, Newtown, Hamlyn Heights... almost the whole bloody region!

During the week, we deliver to a closer area base to Geelong West. 

Check on our app if we can deliver to you, it may surprise you how far we go.

Our Pizza Bar direct delivery hours are:

7 Days 5pm to late

*Special conditions may vary these days that are out of our control.

Deliveroo is also available during our opening hours.

We will utilise Deliveroo as a backup if we are flat out to get our product out to customers. We do recognise their efforts and service where we cannot full-fill all of our deliveries direct.

Search for "Pizza Bar Pizza" from the App Store and Google Play.