Pizza Bar & Deliveroo

Finally, you can get exceptional restaurant quality food delivered to your door

Every night from 5pm

Friday to Sunday from 12pm

If you have queries regarding your order or feedback,

please direct it to Deliveroo. Our food leaves Pizza Bar piping hot and fresh.

To ensure your food is at its best, Pizza Bar also has  its own app.

Search for "Pizza Bar Pizza" from the App Store and Google Play. Use our app

to order easily online for pickup only.

If you prefer delivery, Please download the deliveroo app

The Fine Print...

Pizza Bar is not responsible for the food once it leaves our restaurant. You as the customer employ Deliveroo to collect your food in a timely fashion, and also handle the food correctly. If you have any issues with the service, please call Deliveroo directly. We do not employ Deliveroo, you the customer do, we simply allow them to carry our food for you.

Whilst it is convenient, it's not a perfect service and relies on a large network of drivers that are not always reliable, and have been known to take a tour of the town before arriving at your location. The longer they take to get the food to you, things get sad...and it does affect the food. Please don't be hating on us, we make sure it leaves Pizza Bar perfectly.

Deliveroo delivers to suburbs within a Deliveroo defined radius from us and this may change at any time, we have no control over this.


For delivery enquiries, please contact deliveroo directly.

Payments are made directly with Deliveroo