We are using Deliveroo to handle all of our deliveries now that we can return to in-house dining.

Both our locations are serviced by Deliveroo.


Deliveroo service multiple restaurants and fast food outlets. On most occasions, they will pick up food from pizza bar, and then drive to other food vendors and do the same. This means your food is onboard with the driver for an extended time, likely going on a tour of restaurants and other customers before it gets to you.

We prepare the food for the pickup time requested. it is fresh and piping hot ready to go.


If Deliveroo are late or have no assigned drivers which happens frequently, the food sits until it eventually gets picked up. This situation is beyond our control.

Please remember that you the customer employs Deliveroo to pickup your food. This is not our service, and any delivery issues such as cold food, lateness should be taken up with Deliveroo directly.

we always recommend that you pick-up your food if possible for the best quality.

In the meantime, please use our dedicated app for pickups and take advantage of our discounts and other hot deals.